Millions of people worldwide, for thousands of years, have benefited from treatment with traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes acupuncture, tui na (massage) herbs and exercise (Qi Gong)

Sally offers acupuncture & Chinese botanical herbs in South West London

Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Tui na massage are part of an ancient Chinese Medical system dating back at least 4,000 years. Sally Kean-Hammerson is a leading therapist practising Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and tui na massage, servicing the South West London areas of Raynes Park, Wimbledon, Kingston-upon-Thames, Motspur Park, Worcester Park, New Malden and Merton.


Women's Health

Women have a uterus, monthly menstrual cycles, and hormones which control them. Most of us will find our hormones go a little awry at some stage in our lives, causing us period glitches from troublesome to downright debilitating.

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Fertility Support

Approximately 1 in 7 couples experience difficulties with starting a family. Acupuncture is frequently chosen to increase natural fertility or a positive result with ART (Assisted Reproduction Therapy), and to reduce the unpleasant side effects associated with drugs used in IVF.

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Pregnancy & Birth

Many women wonder whether acupuncture is safe during pregnancy, because it treats holistically, it is a prefect, natural, alternative to medication for minor aliments and is free from side effects. Acupuncture can give relieve a wide range of common pregnancy conditions.

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Peri & Post Menopause

Transitioning from a woman who ovulates to one who doesn’t marks the beginning of a new phase of life, now wiser, more confident and more aware, we enter the Second Spring. It’s time to start putting yourself first but this new life can present with a few challenges as our hormone levels ebb, flow and change.

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