CoQ10 – building block to improve egg quality

Coenzyme Q10 is becoming increasingly an popular supplement for both women and men who are trying to concieve.  It’s a nutrient, found in every cell of the body, that works on the mitochondrial function.  In fertility, research has shown it helps eggs produce more energy and therefore improve egg quality.  In older women this is important as it can help complete process involved with fully maturing and fertilizing eggs within the follicles.

Although CoQ10 is found in food, especially sardines, meat and poultry the content is not high enough to increase levels in the body – therefore a supplement is the best way to boost levels.

Be aware that CoQ10 supplements come in two forms, both found in the body; ubiquinone and ubiquinol.  The later, ubiquinol, is the more soluble form and is what you should look out for.  Remember to take in the morning as taking an energy you don’t want to much energy just before you sleep.  You may also need to take it for about 4-6 months before it really takes effect in the body.

For more information take a look at Rebecca Fett’s great book #itstartswithanegg