Hi, I’m Sally, and I’m passionate about all things baby making! (a leading fertility acupuncturist in South West London).  I love helping men and women to experience the joys of parenthood.  And I see that as part of the whole - enabling women to feel great and live life to the full at every age.

That's why I not only work with fertility and pregnancy, I also support women who are struggling with the menopause (and perimenopause), as well as those with gynaecological and hormone health problems.

Aged 6, I remember poring over a magazine article, fascinated by photographs of a baby developing the womb, and asking my mum non-stop questions.  From that day on, I’ve been hoovering up any information about pregnancy and fertility (training and mentorship junkie here, and always up to speed with the latest medical developments).

I know the fulfilment of being a parent – I’m a mum of 3 grown up children and now an empty nester.  I know the pain, the stress, and the frustration experienced when it’s not happening.  And I know that part of my purpose is to help people to become mums and dads, in a holistic and harmonious way.  Oh and to go on and live life to the full as those children grow and become adults themselves.

I’m a 100% person, and I’m motivated by quality, service, and dedication.  I live my life aligned with my holistic beliefs - they’re fundamental to my health and wellbeing.  And I just want everyone to be able to experience this too.

I'm dedicated to helping people cut through the confusion and regain their health so that they can get on with living the life they dream of.

Sally, fertility acupuncturist in South West London
I'm Sally, a leading fertility acupuncturist in South West London and women's health specialist

I’m one of London’s leading fertility acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, based in Raynes Park, West Wimbledon (South West London).  I’m passionate about helping people to have the family they long for.  My packages provide the highest levels of treatment, service and care in natural fertility, IVF and pregnancy support, as well as women's health at any age.  I work with both female and male fertility.

What will you get from working with me?

When you work with me, you'll find:

  • Holistic healthcare for you – not your diagnosis

    There’s no off-the-shelf treatment here based on a label.  This is about you, just you and we’ll constantly listen to your body, mind and emotions to bring them back to balance.

  • Treatment excellence so you can relax in safe hands

    I’ve been doing this for many years and in addition to all my experience, I constantly hone my skills with training and mentorship with the country’s leading tutors.

  • Acupuncture and more, to get you to where you long to be

    I’m a leading fertility acupuncturist and an advanced practitioner in Chinese herbal medicine – a wonderful, natural way to turbo boost the acupuncture.  I’m also skilled in navigating and interpreting complex fertility and hormone testing, harnessing the very latest developments to target your treatments.

  • Expertise and advocacy to guide you through the confusion

    Medical treatment is complex, making your head spin and your heart break. If you do need to enter the world of fertility doctors and IVF clinics, I can help you navigate it – as your interpreter, your advocate, your guide and your support.

  • Achievable results without the overwhelm - welcome back hope

    This is a committed partnership and though there’s lots to do, we’ll work in a methodical, achievable way.  There’s no overwhelm here.  And I’ll help your hope to flourish again (this won’t just be “positive thinking” - you’ll feel the difference).

  • A nourishing safe space where you can be you

    I’m here for you 100% - I care, I listen and I understand.  I’m warm and authentic and you’ll always get a straight answer from me.  I’ll walk alongside you whatever you’re dealing with.  And my gorgeous garden clinic will be your haven, filled with restorative me-time.

  • That extra mile

    Our work together is so much more than just the time we spend in clinic.  That’s why I offer out-of-hours support via Signal so I’m there for those questions and to check in with how you’re doing (and what your menstrual cycle’s up to).

My qualifications & professional memberships

Ferility acupuncturist in South West London

I’m the practitioner for you if you’re…

  • Keen to work with a holistic healthcare specialist to help you get pregnant, whether you’ve been trying for ages, have IVF looming or are just thinking about getting going

  • Ready to reclaim the real you from conditions such as endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), fibroids, hormone imbalances, autoimmune conditions, peri-menopause or menopause

  • Wondering why you’re not blooming in your pregnancy or feeling wobbly about the birth

  • Lost in a world of stress, sadness, and frustration, with the bombardment of well-meaning advice and impersonal medical service

  • Longing for someone to help, to listen, to understand, to be there unwaveringly, and to enable you navigate the pain and confusion

  • Fully committed to this process – like me!  I won’t do overwhelm, but you do play a role here and I’ll be asking to take steps to help us, help you

I’m not the practitioner for you if you’re…

  • Looking for quick fixes or short-lived shifts. We’ll commit to working together to get you to where you need to be

  • Just wanting to lie on the couch and be fixed.  I’ll be leading the way with diagnosis, cycle monitoring, acupuncture treatments, Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions and holistic protocols, but this a partnership and your commitment is key

  • Not willing to share – I’ll be asking about periods, sex, sperm, your emotions, the nitty gritty.  This relationship works best when it’s open and honest

  • Expecting a standard solution and guaranteed timescales.  My work is bespoke and tailored to you as an individual

A committed partnership

I pride myself on the level of service and support I provide. I don’t do half measures in any aspect of my work.

But I don’t do this single-handedly.  This is a committed partnership where we’ll both be working hard to get you to where you long to be.

Of course, I’ll make sure it’s manageable for you and will talk you through what I think it’s going to take in terms of treatment frequency, supplementary testing, herbal medicine protocols and more.  And I’ll give you an idea of what lifestyle and dietary tweaks might be needed along with the fertility check-ins we’ll be doing throughout each month.

But this is a lot more than just coming to lie on a couch every few weeks.  And, with a busy clinic, I ask my clients to dedicate time and effort to what we’re trying to achieve so we can give this the very best shot.

That’s why I’ve created my Foundation packages to establish your treatment in the most effective way.  These include acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine delivered to your door (to be taken daily), holistic health protocols and one to one support.  Some also include hormone testing. We’ll then continue our work together on an ad hoc basis, tailoring your treatment protocol now the foundations are in place. Treatment frequency and herbal formulas will be based on the progress you’re making.

You can see more in these specific areas:

Fertility acupuncturist in South West London
"This is a committed partnership where we’ll both be working hard to get you to where you long to be." Sally, fertilty acupuncturist in South West London

Ready to find out more?

Then let's talk.  I offer a free 15 minute telephone chat where we can check we’ll work well together and you can ask any questions you may have.  And if all feels great, we’ll get you booked in for your initial consultation (no obligation; no hard sell).