Chinese herbal medicine is one part of the practices which make up Chinese Medicine, the others being acupuncture, tui na, and qi gong. Following the same principles of diagnosis as acupuncture, the practitioners aim is to address the imbalances in a person’s physical, mental and emotional health to establish harmony in both mind and body.

Each individual is unique in their presentation of signs, symptoms and underlying imbalances, and treatment with a Chinese Herbal formula reflects that by devising a therapeutic combination of different herbs tailored specifically to the patient concerned. Chinese Herbs can really enhance acupuncture treatment.

Herbal medicine used in alternative remedies with a variety of dried herbs and flowers in wooden bowls. Top view.

Are Chinese Herbs Safe?

The Chinese Materia Medica lists hundreds of commonly used ingredients including roots, flowers, stems, leaves and bark.  Although there are also non-plant based materials such as resins, minerals and animal derived medicinals, RCHM members abide by strict rules which forbid the use of endangered animals and plant species, and the use of any animal/mineral products per se.  I use suppliers of herb that are committed to quality and ethical standards and has been approved by the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RHCM), our professional body.

How do I take the Chinese Herbs?

The herbal prescription is taken in the form of a tea which is made up of concentrated powders or granules of raw herbs, or ready-made tablets.  Chinese herbs tend to have a bitter taste but most patients get used to them quickly and sometimes a little honey can help!

My Qualifications

I completed my MSc in Chinese Herbal Medicine at University of Westminster and regularly complete CPD to keep my skills up to date. I am a member of RCHM which demands high educational standards for admission and upholds stringent professional rules on safety, and compliance with a professional code of conduct.

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