A few of Sally’s happy clients

“I came to see Sally after a failed IVF attempt when I was at my lowest. After all the clinical staff I had dealt with in the IVF process Sally was a breath of fresh air. On top of the acupuncture treatments she provided practical advice about diet and lifestyle and a lot of emotional support. After a couple of months of weekly acupuncture we felt ready to try again. Our second round of IVF was completely different from the start. I produced much better quality eggs all of which fertilised. We put back the best two and now I’m 22 weeks pregnant with twins! I really feel that huge the difference in cycles was largely due to Sally’s efforts and would recommend her to anyone seeking help with fertility.”

Mel, 32

“Just to say thank you for the acupuncture! He arrived late last night after I went into hospital with natural contractions the same morning. No induction needed! I really do believe the acupuncture had such a positive effect, both for natural labour and the fact I went from 5cm to 10cm in 45 minutes – which massively helped to speed things up!”

Jenny, 29

“Thanks for all your help – the midwives said the birth was amazing without any pain relief and what had I been doing to prepare!?”

Anna, 33

“Thank you so much for all your help, expertise and calm words of wisdom over the last few months. I have really enjoyed the acupuncture sessions and am convinced they helped with the speedy and safe delivery of Max without the need for any interventions.”

Jen, 32

“After being diagnosed with Alopecia, a sudden and quite a substantial loss of hair, I was recommended to try Acupuncture. Not knowing much about the condition, or what had caused it I was unsure of how it would develop. I was experiencing fairly rapid hair loss, over a short period of time, which undoubtedly caused a lot of worry. When I began the treatment with Sally I found I was calm, relaxed and energised after the sessions. Her calming and caring approach, make you feel at ease, but also helped me to stay positive and cope with the condition itself. I had a course of two treatments, spread over a few months and found, that towards the end of the treatments, my hair had amazingly begun to grow back, and has continued to do so since. I would not have considered acupuncture had I not been diagnosed with this condition; however I feel I now have a very different outlook on the power of alternative therapy. I would highly recommend Sally.”

Kelly, 23

“I had acupuncture with Sally when I started getting worried about not being able to conceive. Sally did everything she could to help me relax and not get stressed. After every session, I felt calmer and more in control of the situation. After 4 months, I was pregnant and the happiest person in the world! Thanks so much Sally!”

Heather, 32

“Sally has a true heart and soul in a fast paced modern world; it is rare to see such a strongly compassionate character. I found her treatments really grounded me and helped me feel solid when life was throwing me around.”

Avnash, 31

“I am very happy with the results of my treatment for tennis elbow with Sally. She is professional while being caring, patient, and thorough and I find my sessions with her so relaxing.”

Mary, 60

“I feel great today Sally! I went to yoga today and I SLEPT! I am a new woman – thank you.”

Emma, 32

“I am 18 years old and have been suffering from heavy painful periods since I was 11. I have tried different pills prescribed by the doctor without much success. I had a course of acupuncture with Sally and found that my periods got lighter and I now feel more able to cope with the pain, which is much less.”

Laura, 18

“A life changing experience!”

Sophie, 23

“Sally is fantastic. She makes you feel totally at ease and explains your treatment every step of the way. I feel so much better after going to see her for 6 sessions, it’s brilliant”.

Ellie, 22

“I had a course of 6 treatments with Sally, as I had been feeling “out of balance” and lacking energy, and was delighted with the results. Her approach is calm and reassuring. She evaluates you very thoroughly and focuses on the most important issues for treatment. Acupuncture is amazing!”

Caroline, 58

“Through acupuncture Sally has worked on me to relieve an IBS problem that I have had for over 8 years. Over the course of 6 weeks, my stomach cramps all but disappeared. Sally has also helped with reducing my stress levels through her treatments. Sally offers a very understanding, reassuring and professional service and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a therapist.”

Cameron, 37

”I cannot recommend Sally enough! I came to her having experienced 8 years of secondary amenorrhea and she helped me to get my cycle back on track. Sally is very warm and approachable and dedicated to her practice, giving such appropriate treatment I could literally feel the energy circulating round my body and left feeling great. Thank you Sally!”

Sarah, 29