Looking for a natural way to stay beautiful? Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments may be the answer

cosmetic acupuncture

Acupuncture has been around for 4,000 years, and works by balancing the energy in our systems, thus enabling the body to heal itself.  Over the centuries many women have benefited from cosmetic acupuncture to enhance their looks.

Treatment for underlying condition is important for success

Today it is very easy for us to become out of balance, many of us live with one or more of the following; stress, chronic illness (and associated medication side effects), overwork, insomnia, menstrual problems and so on, all of which affect the way we look.  These imbalances start to manifest on our skin (spots, dull complexion, dark circles around eyes, puffiness), our posture, and our bodies.   We may become overweight, underweight, produce cellulite, and many other undesirable side effects of an unhealthy lifestyle.

There will always be change associated with ageing, but being beautiful is about being healthy from the inside out and that is why acupuncture and other adjunct therapies such as Gua Sha, Cupping and Plum-Blossom needling can be so effective.  By treating the underlying imbalances, as well as local treatment for the cosmetic problem, the body has the best chance of lasting results.

Here are just a few conditions that can be treated naturally without the need for expensive treatments involving a scalpel, fillers or Botox!  There will be no side effects, no scars or mask like appearances.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Facial acupuncture helps reduce fine lines

Facial acupuncture helps reduce fine lines

Dry skin lacking in moisture can lead to fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes (crows feet), lips and forehead.  Facial acupuncture can greatly help to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the collagen production and increasing the circulation of blood and Qi (life energy).

Dull skin

Increasingly we spend more time inside and our skin is starved of sunlight and Vitamin D, excessive make-up can also suppress the skins function causing a dull, lifeless, lacklustre complexion.  Acupuncture can help to strengthen the deficiency of Lung and Kidney energy, the root cause of this condition.


Cupping is an effective treatment for cellulite

Cupping is an effective treatment for cellulite


Cellulite commonly effects both overweight and skinny women, and found particularly on the thighs and buttocks.  Caused by an energy block in the meridians, which accumulates and manifests in the skin giving an orange-peel appearance.  Cupping, is an excellent therapy for removing cellulite and dispersing the congestion in the area.  Combined with acupuncture for underlying deficiencies the effects can be dramatic and long lasting.




Weight loss

Regular acupuncture for any condition works to balance our energy levels and a by-product of this is a norming of body weight.  Those who are overweight often find they lose a few pounds and those who are underweight may gain a couple.  This is because the Spleen and Stomach, responsible for digestion, are strengthened and their function becomes more efficient.  If weight loss is a particular goal and the patient is also ready to play their part in terms of lifestyle advice, acupuncture can be very effective.

Hanging, puffy skin

As we age the connective tissue becomes loose and causes the skin to sag, especially in the jowl, neck and upper eyelid areas.  An acupuncture “face-lift” lifts the skin naturally by strengthening Spleen Qi which is responsible for firming the connective tissue that, unlike muscles, cannot be tightened by exercise.  Healthy Spleen Qi allows the connective tissue to adhere to the muscles resulting in tautness, when this is lacking, the skin sags away from the muscles.

Lifestyle Advice

Cosmetic acupuncture is a natural alternative

Energy balancing treatment makes up part of every course of treatment but at the core of treatment is lifestyle advice which complements the work the acupuncture does and helps to restore our inner health.   If the results are to be long lasting it is vital that changes are made to the diet and their may be other health tips given which are pertinent to the individual.

We do have to live with the face and body we have, but we can chose whether we want to increase our inner health and maximise our chances of looking energised, healthy, rejuvenated, revitalized and relaxed.  The good news is, the only side effect is a sense of well-being and a more balanced, radiant looking you.


Sally has studied with two of the UK’s leading facial acupuncture experts, Paul Adkins of Facial Enhance, and Radha Thambirajah. Sally is a member of Cosmetic Acupuncture UK a professional acupuncture network.  To find out more call Sally Kean-Hammerson on 07956 367003 or email sally@sallykean-hammerson.co.uk.

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