Cupping is another ancient therapy used to prevent and cure many different illnesses. Used extensively in China, but also evolved in many other parts of the world.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is particularly helpful for clearing colds and flu

Used especially in the treatment of musculo skeletal conditions, but not exclusively; cupping is particularly helpful for clearing colds and flu.

The suction created when the cups are applied move Qi thus relieving stagnation and pain. They can leave red marks, but this is a sign that blockages are clearing and should dissipate within a couple of days.

When the cups are in place the suction of the skin into the cup can be felt, some describe it as an “inside out massage”. However, once in place they should not be painful and people usually find the process very relaxing and comforting.

Different techniques are used, cups may be left in one place, or sliding cupping involves applying oil and moving the cups around the affected area or along the channels.

Sally often applies cups whilst carrying out other parts of the treatment such as acupuncture or tui na.

Sally offers Cupping Therapy treatment in South West London