Like Acupuncture, Tui na is based on the same Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system of diagnosis treating the underlying causes of pain and illness and working to balance our life energy, Qi. Tui na is a physical therapy which has developed and grown over 1000’s of years with different styles have emerging over many years. Primarily, there are two styles of Tui na practiced in the UK.

Yin style which is a still, relaxed form of massage, where the practitioner gathers the Qi to an area with slow, subtle movements directing their attention to the points and often working with the patients breath to encourage change from within.

Yang style is a more physical and dynamic practice where acupuncture points are sometimes strongly stimulated and techniques work to dredge and drain the channels unblocking stagnant Qi, and warming and invigorating the patient.

In China, there are dedicated Tui na departments in TCM hospitals where patients are treated usually with very vigorous Yang style techniques. Sally uses a combination of both Yin and Yang styles in her treatments depending on individual needs.

Tui Na (Chinese Massage)

Sally offers Tui na and Chinese Massage in South West London

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