How to prepare a Caster Oil Pack

You might have heard about Caster Oil Packs  which are used over the abdomen to help stimulate the lymphatic system and blood circulation to the reproductive organs and promote healing of damaged tissues where the pack is applied.  In turn his brings fresh oxygenated nutrient rich blood to the area.  Other benefits include

  • helps to shrink and eliminate ovarian cysts/uterine fibroids,  and help clear fallopian tubes
  • help soften and ease endometrial adhesions and scarring
  • reduce menstrual cramps
  • support healthy bowel movements

How to make your caster oil pack

There are packs on the market  if you would like to make life easy but if you fancy a bit of DIY carry on reading.  You need – cling film, hot water bottle (shouldn’t burn when placed on abdomen), muslin or gauze, caster oil.

  1. Place a piece of cling film the size of your lower abdomen on a work surface
  2. Place the muslin or gauze cloth on top of the cling film and then put enough caster oil on to adequately soak the muslin cloth
  3. Lift the clingfilm and cloth and place muslin side UP – onto the hot water bottle and leave for a few minutes to warm up
  4. Lift the clingfilm and cloth and place muslin side DOWN onto your abdomen
  5. Place hot water bottle over this pack and cover it with a towel – leave for approximately 30-40 mins – do this while you are watching TV or having a lie down
  6. To remove – take away towel, hot water bottle and place castor oil pack – muslin side UP onto work surface.  Place and store muslin cloth into a zip lock plastic bag in fridge. The muslin cloth can be reused for a few treatments and then can be hand washed in very hot water with washing powder.

If trying to conceive, caster oil packs can be done every 2-4 days on the abdomen from cycle day 5 to ovulation (all through the cycle if you are not etc but not while you are on your period).  If you have fibroids or endometriosis or ovarian cysts, then every day or every other day is recommended.  Do not use if you have a confirmed pregnancy or an IUD fitted.

Thanks to Naava Carman for this share.